Poet’s Leap 2023 Riesling

LS - Poets Leap - LabelPOET’S LEAP 2023 Riesling

Columbia Valley, Washington

The 2023 Poet’s Leap was primarily sourced from the White Bluffs AVA, a growing region known for complex, balanced white wines. Old vine Riesling from Sagemoor’s Gamache Vineyard is notable for its bright acidity, kumquat, and appealing minerality. A German Riesling clone, grown at Bacchus Vineyard, has a slightly riper style, adding notes of white peach. A small amount of Yakima Valley’s DuBrul Vineyard Riesling completes the wine, adding minerality, stone fruit, and heightened aromatics.

Vintage Notes: The 2023 vintage was characterized by low yields, producing high-quality, intensely flavored wines. Spring’s cool temperatures delayed bud break by 2-3 weeks, but a sudden May heatwave spurred growth. July and much of August saw consistent warmth, aiding grape maturation. However, veraison was slow, necessitating careful canopy management to ensure even ripening. A short, intense heatwave in late August led to an unusually early start to harvest, but by mid-September, the Columbia Valley settled into its classic fall pattern of warm days and cool nights that preserved the grapes’ acidity while developing optimal flavor. Temperatures stretched into late October, providing the extra hang time the grapes needed to finish ripening and develop full physiological maturity.

Small lots of handpicked grapes underwent a gentle sorting process and were pressed as whole clusters to avoid bitterness. Fermentation occurred in stainless steel tanks at a cool 60°F to maintain fresh fruit aromas and flavors. Post-fermentation, winemaker Gilles Nicault assessed each lot thoughtfully, crafting a final blend to showcase the Riesling’s lively character, balanced acidity, sweetness, and aromatics.

LS – Poets Leap – Label

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October 27, 2014