Nine Hats 2014 Riesling

LS - Nine Hats Riesling - LabelNINE HATS 2014 Riesling

Columbia Valley, Washington

Nine winemakers. Nine hats. The nine renowned winemakers of Long Shadows’ signature wines discover after each harvest that a percentage of their resulting barrels are more than they require to achieve that perfect balance in their final blends. These extra barrels now produce NINE HATS.

This is 100% Riesling sourced from German clone plantings and some of the Columbia Valley’s oldest Riesling vines.

All of the grapes were handpicked early in the morning and gently pressed to capture fresh citrus and honey flavors without imparting any bitterness. Fermented at a cool 60 degrees in stainless steel tanks to maintain the vibrant acidity.

LS – Nine Hats Riesling – Label

LS – Nine Hats 2014 Riesling – Tech Sheet


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October 27, 2014